On the existence of werewolves

There is absolutely no way that humans would ever admit the existence of werewolves, even if they were to see one with their own eyes. Take last year for example. Last year on a beach in Montauk East Hampton, NY a dead bloated body was found of what people have called a mysterious monster. Noone had been able to identify it as any specific animal (although there were many ideas), and it was dubbed the “Montauk Monster“.

Some people thought it looked like a bloated, hairless dog, others said it was simply a dead raccoon, while still others said it was a dead sea turtle. The only real concensus in this whole sighting seemed to be that although it was not really known exactly what kind of creature it was, it must be some creature humans already know about. Some creature already documented. Those who said otherwise were scorned.

The reason I’m sharing this story is just to show how even when humans are confronted with something questionable, they immediately look for the comfort of things they already know. They refuse to consider other possibilities. Despite eyewitness reports which said the creature was dog-like with a beak, and a flipper-like paw – humans still insisted it MUST be something normal.

Most humans refuse to believe in anything at all, even when presented with evidence otherwise. So, humans who are reading through this blog and say werewolves don’t exist – I urge you to think about the reactions to the Montauk Monster. Refusal to even consider the existence of anything out-of-the-ordinary – even when presented evidence to the contrary – only makes you narrow visioned. Do you still think werewolves don’t exist?

For the record, I don’t know what exactly the Montauk Monster was, but I won’t try and force a label on it such as sea turtle or raccoon. Yes, I’m willing to believe it could be one of those two, but I’m also willing to consider other possiblities.

Montauk Monster

Montauk Monster Mystery Creature

Montauk Monster Mystery Creature



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29 Responses

  1. ThatGuy says:

    Umm, I DO believe that that is not a raccoon or PitBull or whale

  2. Colonel.Johnathan Robert Wolf(USMC) says:

    Sam Archer? That you?

  3. Colonel.Johnathan Robert Wolf(USMC) says:

    It came from Ellis Island

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