Once a werewolf, always a werewolf?

If you became a werewolf and were able to “cure” yourself of the condition..would you in fact really be cured? Could you ever really truly be just human again?

Yes, perhaps you could stop the physical transformations.  Perhaps you could inhibit the mental shifting.  But that’s not all there is to being a werewolf. With the transformation comes a change in the way you perceive and feel things.  The transformations free you to be more in tune with the world; they open the eyes to another perception and experience of your surroundings.  Something most humans never experience.

Once you have experienced that type of change – either physically or mentally – would merely losing the ability to shift erase the memory of that enhanced view of the world? Likely it would not. It seems your perception of reality would be forever changed.  You wouldn’t be able to see the world  two dimensionally again the way you did as a human…and perhaps you would not want to.  The experience of being a werewolf would have forever changed you.

Perhaps that means that there is no real cure to being a werewolf after all.



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  1. wolfy37 says:

    I was wondering can a person have a wolf spirit and have no transformation?

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