In my quest to give you as many werewolf resources as possible, I have done some research for you on werewolf games – online werewolf games specifically.  It seems the most popular of these is the online game Werewolf vs. Vampires. The multiplayer online game of werewolf vs. vampires runs on a windows machine and is about the battle of these two creatures.  You can be a member of either the vampire or werewolf species in this game.  You can get more information on Werewolf vs. Vampires and find the forum here(search wworkshop in google). (At the time I’m writing this incidentally, most of the players choose to be werewolves – 59%….does this mean that people think werewolves are tougher than vampires?  They certainly look tougher, and they’re animal, so they don’t seem as vulnerable as humans.  I haven’t played the werewolf vs. vampires game yet, but I do believe I would be a werewolf!)