Peter Stubbe’s magic belt

I find the question about Peter Stubbe’s magic belt very interesting. Magic is not really associated with werewolves which is what makes the whole scenario so strange. Yes, when you talk about witches and demons and even some other werecreatures magic is sometimes discussed, however I cant really think of any other case where magic is linked with werewolves. Werewolves do not traditionally have the ability to perform magic, nor are they magical creatures. And we know that today’s werewolf does not need a “magic” belt to transform. Which brings us to the possible conclusion that perhaps this belt was given to Peter from a witch or some other magic-oriented person. I would say it was not Peter himself that was cursed with this magic, but that the witch perhaps cursed the belt itself. If this is the case, I would say that werewolves were already in existence at this point, hidden in the shadows away from the human eye, and this magic belt transformed Peter into one for some inexplicable reason. Perhaps to give werewolves a bad name?



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  1. yo fo says:

    haha first comment take that preps…….now stop with the first comments….they get on my nerve…

  2. me says:

    never!!!!!!! and second also ^^

  3. me says:

    hmmm… i have read the story of this peter stubbe and there i saw he used magic to become a wolf and he also cracked his own child’s head and ate the brain… ooops. tooo much…. hehe ^^

  4. jo says:

    hmmm… this topic somehow had a connection with the emergence of the werewolf demon halfbreeds.
    note: kindly erase my comment here on september 13, 2009 because that is the old me ^^

  5. jo says:

    cause i was not myself in that date before ^^

  6. jo says:

    lol! where did you go?

  7. Kilroy says:

    o my dad came home and i had to get off

  8. Kilroy says:

    sooooo… how’s life?

  9. jo says:

    lol! sneaky eh? hehe me too its 1:52 A.M. and lucky for me that my everyones asleep ^^

  10. Kilroy says:

    wait… its 1:52 where u r right now?

  11. jo says:

    very good i think i can get away from those demons anytime as long as i am aware of it ^^

  12. jo says:

    at home using the computer at night?

  13. Kilroy says:

    … 🙂

  14. Kilroy says:

    is it 1:52 am where u r?

  15. jo says:

    and im in the philippines thats why its night ^^

  16. Kilroy says:

    o heh its 12:50 PM where i am

  17. jo says:

    so how about you? where are you?

  18. Kilroy says:

    well c ya later… gonna go play me some Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox Live:)

  19. Kilroy says:

    o im in Indiana

  20. jo says:

    hehe im filipino and cya! ^^

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