WolfMan movie

A movie JUST about werewolves is coming soon! The WolfMan – a 1941 werewolf film starring George Waggner is being redone in 2009 (release date expected to be Spring 2009). The movie will star Benicio Del Torro as Lawrence Talbot – a man that is bitten and cursed by a werewolf. Check out some images and Photos of the Wolf Man from the new upcoming movie straight from the movie’s website. Check out how they compare with photos of the original wolfman. The werewolf photos in the 2 movies look almost identical – well, it is a remake after all 🙂 .

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10 Responses

  1. sabrefang says:

    yah thats a pretty good remake look still gotta sense of new in it but still im not big on werewolf movies

  2. Argentus Canis says:

    I agree with sabrefang, but i enjoy werewolf movies. Personally, the image of werewolves portrayed in the Underworld series is my favorite version.

  3. sabrefang says:

    ive seen it before its ok but i always looked at these portrayal of werewolves trivial and its just to add that hollywood bullcrap. I know being into making movies that it helps but still hollywood overdoes everything even from the details of sounds in the movies.

    Most guns in movies arent the real sounds that a certain gun would make and I wont argue with that cause I am in the entertainment industry and I see it first hand lol. Not being a dick if I seem like it then I apologize

  4. Argentus Canis says:

    They overdose sound effects when it comes to hollywood. Where do you deal with guns? i am a hunter, with guns and spear, and i deal with guns alot.

  5. sabrefang says:

    oh lol nono ok that comment had to do with replacing audio in movies. The most overdone audio replacement is guns but its not with an actual sample of the true gun. Instead they layer sounds on guns to give it more of an effect for the mood they are trying to convey in a scene (dont ask about that its very complicated). Its the directors who like to do that but I personally hate it lol.

  6. sabrefang says:

    basically I am an audio engineer lol.

  7. Argentus Lupis says:

    Very sweet. And Happy New Year.

  8. Argentus Lupus says:

    Attention all members of this blog, i ask you a question.
    Please hear my request and give me answer quickly. WHERE IS THEWOLF? And where can i find our friendly Elder? And THEWOLF, if you view this, know that your student is eager, yea, very eager to learn:)
    very, very eager

  9. Joel Linsk says:

    deffinte must see movie

  1. February 6, 2010

    […] recently got a hold of a Wolfman action figure. The Wolfman action figure is very detailed (actually, surprisingly so!) and a great […]

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