Pictures from 2013 Supermoon

If you missed the Supermoon last week, here are some pictures taken from around the world. Anyplace you were, the moon was the same – spectacular!!



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6 Responses

  1. Tia says:

    @ Buddy, Where I live the moon was really tiny. The first night I did kind of seen it with my bf but it was still tiny and that was around 6:20pm. But in most of these photos the moon is really big. -_- lol

  2. she wolf says:

    Can’t see the moon on our country since it’s already been the stormy weather now. -sighs-

  3. Hannah says:

    When I saw it it was HUGE it was really beautiful

  4. Titan says:

    Wow! If the moon was THAT huge like um… “Zues’s eye” then I would be running ’round sayin’ “CRAY CRAY CRAY CRAY” with a retarded look on my face XD

  5. Titan says:

    @Tia: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! THE MOON WAS REALLY BIG! So sorry but I think like a nine year old :3

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