Pictures of vampires in movies and fiction have changed over time influencing how we believe vampires to be – evil, good, weak, strong, monsters – everything is described in the picture.

Dracula Pictures of Vampires
Some of the first images people used to bring to mind when they thought of vampires was that of Dracula.  The image that people had in their minds was that of a human.  The most common picture


Dracula Movie Poster

you see of Dracula is that of a man in a black cape, black hair greased back, and mouth open with fangs exposed. The man seems to be quite intelligent, but with an evil underpinning. He is often hunched over a woman’s throat, prepared to suck her blood. This vampire picture often leaves the viewer feeling like the vampire is an evil creature – but still human, taking advantage of females with his charm in order to drink their blood. Dracula is probably one of the most famous vampires in fiction, and so this picture has been stuck in the minds of people for decades – it used to be when people heard vampire – a picture of a civilized almost human creature picture came to their minds. But as time has progressed, so have the way vampires are depicted.

“Monster” Pictures of Vampires
As time progressed, images and pictures of vampires took a turn and vampires were looked on less

Salem's Lot

Salem's Lot

kindly than before.  With the release of Steven King’s Salem’s Lot in 1979, the pictures of vampires everyone had in their head went from a debonair-though-somewhat-evil-man, to an evil monster vampire.  These type of vampires were a drastic change from what everyone was used to.  Pictures of these types of vampires show a creature that just barely resembles a human.  Their face is warped in a cruel approximation of a human face, and their fangs are long and razor sharp.  They are a creature that you would not want to be around and they appear unquestionably evil.

“Human” Pictures of Vampires
Today, the type of pictures of vampires that is most common is that of the very human-looking – and

Twilight Movie Poster

somewhat innocent looking vampire. The traditional depiction of the vampire in dark clothes with a cape is gone.  The evil vampire has faded out (although still does make an appearance now and again in movies).  The modern depiction of vampires look completely human.  They would in fact be hard to distinguish from any other human except for their slightly pale skin.  The vampire fangs which were so common in times past, in some of the most modern pictures of vampires have been fazed out.  Often the only way to tell that they are not in fact human is by the eyes, which in most pictures are unusually colored, or sometimes red if they have blood lust.  The most famous example of this type of vampire is depicted in the Twilight movies.  Pictures of the vampires in the Twilight saga  show exactly the type of vampire I am describing.