Plan to eliminate the werewolf

Some of the reasons humans would hunt down a werewolf include for sport and for research. But not all humans can or want to hunt werewolves for sport, it is a very dangerous sport in fact, probably the most dangerous sport around for both the human and for the werewolf.werewolf hunted and researchedWerewolves are extremely swift, smart, and can quickly map territory in their mind! Werewolves usually know the humans next move and can predict most suspected hunters positions. Hunters at this point have a disadvantage because the werewolf is usually one step ahead of him in knowing what to expect. But that does not mean that the werewolf will escape the hunt. Many werewolves are not killers and most times it takes a killer to escape the wrath of a human hunting a werewolf. The human is ready for the kill, the whole purpose of the hunt is for the kill! If the werewolf is not ready or cannot handle it then he/she could become a fast and easy target for any experienced hunter.

But not all werewolves are hunted down for the kill. Some are stalked for research, and many werewolves would consider being captured for research worse than being killed by a hunt. Scientists will organize in a fashion that puts the werewolf at a disadvantage. They will use dart guns that will subdue the werewolf for many hours, and when the werewolf wakes up he might be in a lab. The poking and prodding of these labs could be worse than a fierce battle with a hunter because atleast in a battle you have a chance of escape. Usually there is nothing a werewolf can do if he/she is caught for research, they will continue to inject the serum into your body until they are done doing research to get more information about your “disease” or “curse.” However, this research is conducted under time limits, they must fully analyze you before you change back into human form and there are also restrictions against scientist holding a werewolf in human form captive.

The agreement scientists have with the government in catching werewolves is pretty simple. They can catch and subdue werewolves legally, however, the werewolf must be in werewolf form. A werewolf cannot legally be caught in human form because of the difficulty to prove such an affliction without holding you in containment for a long period of time until your transformation. So the research must be conducted while you are a werewolf and before you transform back into human form the humans must release you back into the territory that they found you. This is the proper method for scientists but keep in mind not all scientists follow proper procedure.

Annihilation of the werewolf? Even though humans enjoy hunting and enjoy conducting research on strange and mysterious animals some humans want nothing to do with any of that. It actually gets worse than that because some humans would rather see the werewolves annihilated as a species altogether. The goal of these humans is to limit the werewolf population so that eventually their numbers as a population dwindle to extinction. This form of elimination and eventual extinction is purposeful and very different from the hunting method. This is when the humans want nothing to do with the werewolf and will at any cost eliminate all werewolves with disregard for any of their ways of life.

Watch the video on how humans want to get rid of the werewolf.



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  2. Lee Ann says:

    I dont usually get sick..

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    Because there are less words? I dont know, but i get sick every now and then.

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    Yeah, my fone doesnt show the speech bubbles.

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    it would be cool if they had like a lite or mobile version of this site..

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    Dang I’ve been gone for a while. Had a bad case of strep throat (don’t really know how to spell it) and it sucks. Found out when I went to the clinic yesturday and I’m slowly getting better. Yeah, it sucked. Drinking gatorades and staying in my bed all day sick, not my idea of a fun Saturday

  9. Lee Ann says:

    that sucks im bored anyone around?

  10. This place is finished. There’s no constructional conversation anymore. There’s no help. You are not even on topic. What the hell?

  11. StormRunner says:

    Exactly, so what? We can talk about whatever we want. Are you the boss? If you are then you can tell me what to and not to talk about. Compremiso compadre? (understand dude?)

  12. Lee Ann says:

    WTF theres a space for your twitter name now too?!!!

  13. Kelly (just is) says:

    Well i understand Sorath’s point of view. We are on a completely diffrerent sublect then what we started on but just talking about our lives and current events can be just as constuctive as other topics. What you learn from someone elses path can provide a diffrent outlook for your own.

  14. lee ann says:

    Sorath forgets how our group acted back in the day.

  15. Kelly (just is) says:

    Sometimes that happens. Not worth arguing over or what not.

  16. Avery says:

    All my life I’ve searched to join the brotherhood of wolves, I was born with a few acute senses most people don’t have along with a strong sense of loyalty. Unfortunately I was born human, any advice would be unbelievably helpful. Contact me if you want to speak.

  17. Kelly (just is) says:


  18. Avery says:

    Seriously, I’m beyond the point of willingly giving up my soul and life to become what I know I was meant for; the protecting and uprising of the outcasts that we humans have scorned and feared for years. Mind of a man with the body of a wolf; truely a domminent species that was cheated out of recognision. Anyone willing to help should contact me. Because its difficult to protect a species on your own when you aren’t one of them.

  19. Lycanhope says:

    There are so many false facts here, I can’t begin to correct them all, but I’ll do my best. Hunters don’t exist, it’s a rumour to freal out actual shifters. Experimentation, doesn’t exist, if you actually think about it then you would realise that people you know would notice if you disappeared, Why would hunting werewolves be a fight to the death situation? No harder than hunting actual wolves, considering werewolves ARE wolves. @Kelly, I’m throwing up the BS flag on your “russian spies” or whatever, try somwthing believeable next time. I left because I was sick of posers and people who only believed what Hollywood says about werewolves, but it’s education time. @StormRunner, the steps to transformation are simple. Step 1: You’re human, Step 2 (about 30 odd seconds later): you’re not, might not be completely accurate because I haven’t shifted yet but that’s what I remember.

  20. alpha says:

    More so for the human we can smell them for miles……….

  21. StormRunner says:

    May I ask why? I don’t think my parents OR I would be real thrilled calling an almost complete stranger.

  22. chaos says:

    omg this is horrible y would anyone want to wipe the werewolves out? ok all i need are some locations ill be out on my horse next full moon partoling the forests for hunters. i can duplicate a wolf howl so maybe i can lead them away and then knock them uncosious? im not killing anyone tho! no way im not going to juvie! hows my plan sound im only human but if i could ask for a werewolves help in revealing locations thats be great 😀 i infact know a werewolf and actualy love him very much so this worries me but i doubt hed want me going out and fighting for him but wouldnt it be easier i mean a hunter isnt goona kill a girl on her horse (a trained horse ment for ticks and stunts that can and will kick them on command) right?

  23. Lee Ann says:

    ugh…. you’re freakin stupid…

  24. Haha! Nice one Lee Ann! *high five* 😀 Haha

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