Predators of the werewolf

Do werewolves have any natural predators?  No.  There are no living organisms that hunt the werewolf – even the most predatorial of animals – bears, wolves, lions, tigers – all of these creatures stay clear of areas in which they catch a werewolf scent.  Even vampires – while they do not like werewolves – do not hunt the werewolf..they prefer humans.

The next question then becomes why arent there werewolves everywhere?  If werewolves have no natural predators, it only stands to reason that they would multiply in huge numbers and werewolves would be everywhere. The answer to that is werewolves are not everywhere because it is just not that easy to become a werewolf. There are many theories on ways to become a werewolf, and much debate on the topic of what causes the transformation to begin with. While just the bite of a vampire can cause you to become a vampire, this is not the case with werewolves.  A werewolf infection is just not easily caught or transferred.



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6 Responses

  1. Fang lupine Lycan says:

    its because we have been made extinct by humans

  2. Zakiya says:

    does that really make any sense

  3. Zakiya says:

    okay im glad im not the only one

  4. Luke says:

    Actually it does. In the human minds we are either extinct or non-existent. we are merely a legend that was told to there young to keep them home at night and Just sci-fi characters to them that you see in these movies.

  5. Argharna Welyn says:

    @Fang lupine Lycan: there is the lazerous effect use that and your back on the map

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