President of Argentina adopts a werewolf

It is true. The President of Argentina became godmother to a child that is rumored to be a werewolf!

In Argentina it is believed that the seventh son in a family is destined to turn into a werewolf.  So when the Tawil family had seven boys, they knew their seventh son was destined to become none other than “el lobison” (a werewolf). 

The resourceful parents of the doomed child – Shlomo and Nehama Tawil – wrote to the President of Argentina, calling upon a law in place since the 1920s stating that the President would adopt as a godson any seventh son.  Although this “adoption” does not prevent the child from turning into a werewolf, it is meant to prevent the families from disowning, abandoning, or killing the seventh born son.  The idea is that the honor of having the president of the country as a relative would be stronger than the fear of the soon-to-be werewolf child, thus preventing the children from being abandoned by their families.  So far the practice has been successful, and seventh sons are not routinely abandoned anymore. 

In the case of the Tawil family, they wrote the president in 1993 calling upon the law, however at that time, the Argentinian law only applied to Catholic families (the Tawil family was Jewish) – their request was therefore denied.  The family however did not abandon their son, they kept and raised him.  In 2009, the Argentinian law was modified to include and qualify other religions.  When the Tawil family heard of the change in the law, they rewrote the Argentinian government, and their request was accepted! On Tuesday, December 23, Yair Tawil, the seventh son in the Tawil family (a child who if legend is correct is or may become a werewolf aka “el lobison”), became the Jewish godson of the President of Argentina.



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