Real bigfoot sighting accidentally caught on wildlife eagle camera near Michigan’s Great Lakes?

At first glance this video appears to be your average wildlife camera – it shows a non-moving video of an eagle’s nest in Michigan. What has brought this unremarkable video an incredible amount of attention however, is what you can see if you look just below the eagle’s nest! Many people are claiming the video shows accidental footage of a live bigfoot!!

The “bigfoot” can be seen entering the video at about the 10 second markLook in the upper right corner of the screen and you’ll see a dark figure entering the camera’s recording zone. The figure can be seen walking through the forest apparently haphazardly.  It makes several stops as it apparently forages through the underbrush as it makes its way through the woods. Because of the distance of the camera from the figure, it is very difficult to see who or what the the being actually is.

The things that you can clearly see are that it appears to be walking on two legs and it has a human-like gait and shape. Beyond that, it is difficult to make any determination as to what specifically the creature is.  In fact, the figure itself appears as just a dark black shadow – whether because of distance and lighting or because the creature is actually dark/fur covered is unclear.

Here is the actual video:

The video was originally intended not to record a bigfoot, but rather to record an eagle’s nest in its natural habitat. The camera is therefore situated 100 feet above the ground and directed straight into the nest.  With this in mind, it seemingly appears that the video is not a hoax, but is in fact footage of something underneath the nest – whether it is bigfoot, a human, or some other creature is up to you to decide.

The footage was recorded in a forested area near the Platte River State Fish Hatchery in Benzie County near Honor, Michigan which is situated near the Great Lakes in the United States.

bigfoot sighting near great lakes

Is the figure seen under the Michigan Bald Eagle nest a real bigfoot sighting?

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