Is this a real photo of a werewolf?  Eyewitnesses have reported this creature as having a “wolf-like” face with sharp fangs, but that it has the body of a man, claiming it is in fact a werewolf.  Others claim it is a bigfoot aka yeti, but still swear it’s face is too wolf-like and it’s body size is too small to be a true bigfoot.  The creature has been spotted roaming the northern forests of Wisconsin and Michigan, often near fresh kills. It has been spotted by a number of different people who claim it is not a hoax, but a real unidentified creature.  Because many eye witness accounts have placed the creature near the Parc des 7 Chutes in Quebec Canada, the creature has been dubbed “The Beast of 7 Chutes”, or is sometimes simply referred to as the Dogman.

Bigfoot werewolf

Real werewolf picture?

Supposed real werewolf photos.