There are a few stories of supposed real werewolves that come out in local papers, but people, in their desire for logic, hint at them being werewolves, but end up rationalizing them to some other animal.  Whether the  stories can be attributed to real werewolves or not, I do not know.  Some interesting things about these stories: many of the attacks were reported during a full moon, the beasts involved were never clearly identified, and many of the attacks lasted much longer than would be normal for simple animal attacks.

Some of the famous stories include the Beast of Bodmin Moor (about supposed huge cats said to mutilate animals in Cornwall in the United Kingdom…but where did these cats come from? some rationalize they escaped from a private collection), the Surrey Puma (a phantom cat spotted around Surrey in the early 1960s which was mutilating animals), and the Welsh Werewolf.  The Welsh Werewolf dates back to actual records from 1790 that reports a stagecoach that was attacked by an enormous black beast just after dusk during a full moon.  The following year,  tracks from an enormous wolf were spotted  by a local farmer; the tracks lead to a mutilated carcass. The farmer who found the tracks was later found locked in his house and said a huge weird wolf-like creature had tried to knock down his door and had stood on his hind legs in a human-like fashion to look in his window. Attacks continued, and eventually died out. However in 1992 sightings of a huge creature started again, and attacks were reported during the full moon.  In 2001, a local paper attributed it to what may have been a puma living in the area.