Ring of Fire in Sky on Sunday!


Credit: NASA

When is the Eclipse!?
This Sunday and Monday, May 20 and May 21 there will be a partial solar eclipse visible from southeast Asia (including Japan and China) and the western United States (including northern California, southwest Oregon, northwest Texas, northeast Arizona, and New Mexico). During this type of eclipse, the moon will move in front of the soon, blocking most of the sun from view – a process that takes several hours to complete.

It will look like a Ring of Fire in the Sky!

The special thing about this particular eclipse is that it is an annular solar eclipse which means that when the moon is in front of the sun, the edges of the sun will still be visible from earth, making the sun look like a ring of fire in the sky! The result is supposed to be quite spectacular for any that are able to witness the event. The ring of fire will be visible for approximately four minutes during the eclipse.

Very Rare Event!
According to NASA, this particular type of eclipse has not been visible from the continental United States for 18 years, meaning that a whole generation of Americans has never witnessed this type of event live! Those that are able to see it will be part of the lucky few!

How to View it!
If you would like to observe the eclipse, it’s important to remember not to look at it directly, but rather you will need to use special solar or astronomer’s filter to avoid any inadvertent eye damage that could result from direct viewing.



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