running with the wolves

One person who runs with the wolves, who is in a real wolf pack,  is Shaun Ellis. Shaun Ellis who has worked with wolves for over

man and wolf howling

Man and wolf howling

20 years, is actually a wolf expert and researcher who spends a lot of time being a part of a real wolf pack. What is it like to be in a real wolf pack? Ellis indicates that he has an intense focus on being part of the real wolf pack, this means he takes a rank in the pack like the other wolves.

A real Wolf Pack is usually about half a dozen members, each member of the pack takes a rank or “position” in what type of role they will conduct for the pack. Ellis believes that his role in a real wolf pack will bring a greater understanding into their way of life that could possibly help them in the future.

wolves eat

Wolves Eat



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15 Responses

  1. I have great respect for Shaun Ellis. I hope one day too meet him.

  2. Aconissa says:

    I’ve heard of this man. I think what he is doing is brilliant. Good on him!

  3. lee ann says:

    It looks fun but I think hes gonna get eaten

  4. jäÿ says:

    Di he rly eat tat deer

  5. jäÿ says:

    Did he eat that Deeeeeer

  6. Aconissa says:

    maybe… I hope not. Ew.

  7. I read that he partially cooks some meat and stashes it inside the dead food, then when it’s dinner time he takes his part…so it’s not completely raw…

  8. knowledge seeker says:

    that is quite interesting although he still risks food poisoning by doing so as the cooked meat should never come in contact with raw meat.

  9. knowledge seeker says:

    great awaiting moderation again. maybe i need to do more things in moderation too lee ann.

  10. knowledge seeker says:

    hi aconissa. how r u?

  11. Aconissa says:

    Im good thanks knowledge seeker. You?

  12. knowledge seeker says:

    i am great aconissa thanks.

  13. Selinath says:

    I find this rather interesting. If he’s been in the wild studying these wolves for 20 he would have already suffered from food poisoning and thus suffering from it so often would build up the immunity to the certain bacterias that he could come into contact with. The body is easy to adapt after 20 years of living like that, so even if he did cook some of it he would have enough immunity that it shouldn’t bother him. Now if he got cut or something and ended up with gang-green or something of the sort that would be a different story. I would like to hear what he has to say about the ranking of a wolf pack because like human cultures i believe each pack is different yet realitively the same..

  14. Argharna Welyn says:

    @Howard Leon AKA The Wolf: wow i wish i were in a were wolf pack if only a pack member whos 100% would bite me

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