Running on all fours “werewolf-style” goes mainstream!

run like a werewolfApparently there is an obsession in the running world with trying to run on all fours “werewolf style”.   It’s been done so much that there are even world record attempts at it!  “Werewolf-style” running recently made headlines when an American professional basketball player made his go at it (accidental though it may be).  Check out the videos below!

Basketball player Paul Pierce trips and instead of falling and picking himself up, he decides to turn it into an odd run with his hands and legs all on the ground – it’s circulating the internet as a “werewolf” move. What do you think? Werewolf move or no?

And here is another runner in Japan using all fours to make his way down the track in an attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Record for fastest 100m run on all fours! Still, the basketball player’s run does seem to better resemble a werewolf’s moves.

If you think those two videos are interesting, check out this guy who runs on all fours..slow-mo? fast-mo? Does it matter? His running style is pretty good!



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