Russian officials deny Chupacabra existence

Recently in the village of Byeloomut, Russia, there was a huge attack on hte village sheep’s and 60 animals were killed. Based on tracks found by local villagers, the attack was attributed by locals to the Chupacabra. This is not the first time the Chupacabra has supposedly been attacking local villages – every so often the media does reports on eye witness accounts of the creature’s rampages. This event however is different – Russian officials have felt the need to speak out against it!

In fact, Russian officials do not want the locals to think the attack had anything to do with the Chupacabra! The Agriculture and Food Ministry has issued a statement saying that “There are no fairytale creatures in the Lukhovitsky district of the Moscow Region.” Officials indicate the attacks were likely from a stray dog.

It is unclear why the Ministry is so vehemently denying the Chupacabra’s existence.



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