Shape (shp) n – an appearance or form of a person or thing

Shift (shft) na move or change in one’s place, position, or direction



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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41 Responses

  1. Hachina, where is your article posted?

  2. Hachina says:

    Hold on… I’ll post it on my site… I’ll send you the link in a sec

  3. I’m going to look at this tonight… thank you for the link.

  4. Angel Wolf says:

    this isn’t my wolf name. it was guilliana but… nevermind. i don’t want to talk about it. this is my screen name. i use this or wolf angel

  5. Angel Wolf says:

    i really need to find casper now

  6. lee ann says:

    anyon onn nn

  7. elly says:

    when do you get your wolf name????

  8. Hachina says:

    Your wolfname is always with you. It’s just that you have to find out what it is.

  9. elly says:

    oh can somebody who has shifted please contact me!!!
    [email protected]

  10. elly says:

    how do you do that????

  11. lee ann says:

    wtf there we go wrong msn

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