Signs you’re turning into a werewolf

The question came up recently on what are the signs you’re turning into a werewolf, and although we’ve talked about it before, I thought I would address some of them again. Involuntary transformation warning signs (if you’re about to turn and you don’t know it) happen about 1 – 2 days before the transformation and are similar to getting a cold or the flu… you’ll sometimes get a headache, your muscles will start to ache, and a runny nose is not uncommon.

Voluntary transformation warning signs are a little different. The signs don’t start a couple of days before hand, because you are forcing the transformation – it’s not something that is happening naturally at its own pace. The warning signs will be immediate. Before you force yourself to turn, you can sometimes feel light-headed, and you’ll start to sweat. Your senses will seem very acute – your vision and hearing will both seem crystal clear. Physically, some will notice before the transformation that their nails seem weirdly strong, and they seem taller than usual; some may also notice their hair is shinier and stronger than normal. All these signs are the body’s way of preparing for the turn.

Identify a werewolf in human form.

What happens during transformation?



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521 Responses

  1. Almighty says:

    No you are not. You have no pack you are simply delusional.

  2. selena says:

    Help me…I think I am turning and I’m really scared because my eyes are turning yellow every now and then and my nail s are always growing even tho I cut them every second please help me I’m soooo scared

    • shashane says:

      hey don’t worry being a wolf isn’t bad just make sure no one catches you shifting or there will be some explaining to do. it’s gonna be fine.

    • Thierry says:

      So am I last night I had yellow eyes and my veins were turning black and I blacked out and woke up in the woods

  3. erica young says:

    ya me too

  4. shashane says:

    don’t worry about it guys I’m a wolf tho I’m a bit young to shift yet… But my eyes change their shade of colour depending on my mood and my nails grow so long so quickly and I crave meat all the time, my favourite is kangaroo roast.

  5. shashane says:

    I won’t say. u never know who’s out there and I won’t endanger my pack. when I’m able to turn i’ll have to be the protector in service of my alpha and pack.

    • Scar says:

      Plz help I transform into a black furry animal my nails grow so fast I LOVE meat human my fav I run to the woods and wake up with a dead person with me and blood all over me plz tell me what’s happening to me-HELP

  6. Scar says:

    Plz help me I can’t control it big black furry thing I transform into! My nails grow so long I LOVE meat humans are my fav and I run for the woods! Plz tell me what’s happening I’m so scared!

    • Lycanhope says:

      Are there any more nonsense stereotypes you want to spout, or would you just like to get on with it and marry Bella?

  7. Scar says:

    I also have a scar across my eye and I don’t know what it came from plz tell me

  8. Paul says:

    And human and when moon have and heart beat faster when moon and stronger and then would rip my clothes and would lose temper at moon and itchy body at full moon and what and would happen and email back

    • Brittany says:

      Can u help me everytime I see blood or bloody meat it’s like I crave for it and my nails are growing fast and every night I have dreams of a white wolf

    • Lycanhope says:

      A therapist can help with that.

  9. Katie says:

    Hey dose this mean imma a werewolf…these r my symptoms…. 1 musel aches 2Fast at running 3Is more energetic at night 4Gets angry easily
    5Wants meat a lot 6loves to run howl growl and bark 7 growls at danger and things I dont like… I a werewolf?

  10. Alpha says:

    I am ganna stop grtting on this site, i am so tired of people people pretending to be a werewolf even when they clearly are not. You dont just transform and run wild when the fool moon comes up. You control your transformations, you dont just transform. This isnt a movie where the person just transforms and run wild. Use your heads, there are real werewolves on here like me who can easily tell when someone is a realy werewolf and when someone is not.

    • Lycanhope says:

      But pesky things like logic and common sense contradicts their running-from-responsibility fantasies. Can’t have that now can we.

    • Breanna says:

      Hey I need to talk please message me back or reply.

    • Breanna says:

      I need to talk no nonsense if you can help message reply if not don’t.

    • Breanna says:

      Please get back ASAP but seriously I don’t have time for games or stereotyping or false info let alone wasting my time so if you can’t help don’t message me back but if you can then do so please and thank.

  11. Lycanhope says:

    Talk about what for what reason? For someone apparently wanting things ASAP you sure do play the pronoun game like a pro.

  12. Breanna says:

    look honestly why are you on this site just because your profile name has Lycan or wolf or something that means wolf at the beginning of your profile name (that you probably looked up online before using)means nothing to me you could be a fraud and more then likely falsetivity and just by past comments on here I can tell no one is a werewolve or so you call it …I guarantee you don’t know any truth to it one for people on here saying werewolf that’s not the orignal name therefore your uneducated on where it came from and what it means to be of wolf and human descent not only that if you are a werewolf please explain how? And if your story doesn’t add up I will know trust me

    I came on here for real answers but all you guys are false people trying to be something you don’t understand and know any truth of.

    • Lycanhope says:

      So what you wanted ASAP was to “test” me to see if I’m legit? I must say I’m flattered you find that so important.

      If you must know I’m a werewolf because I was born one. I don’t use the term personally because it’s idiotic and mostly associated with the mythos rather than reality, but its a term these people understand.

      More importantly, why do you need answers to questions when you apparently have enough information to tell if a werewolf is real or not with 100% certainty (impossible, btw, there is no way to tell for certain). That sounds rather contradictory, you should have all the answers you need already.

      Regardless, I’ve been here for going on 5 years now, and I was researching for a good 3 years before then, 2 of them as a mentor for three different sites, so pretty sure I have the seniority to talk about things confidently.

    • Lycanhope says:

      Also, you’re saying everyone is wasting your time by being fake blah blah blah, when this is wat you’re doing.
      “I have questions”
      “What are these questions?”
      “I’m not telling, I can’t tell what’s real”

      Ask the questions, get some answers, decide which ones sound legit to you. It’s not rocket science. You come on demanding things then ask others to prove their worth like you have some kind of reputation.

    • No one says:

      I’m not false, I truly believe I might be a wolf. I came on this website and many others trying to find if I’m turning, how people turn into wolf’s, and if it’s even possible. And although you seem sceptical about the whole thing, I know that within God all things are possible, even turning into a werewolf.

  13. Claw says:

    Yeah I agree

  14. No one says:

    Is it odd that at least half of these things happened to me this past week and that now there is a full moon tonight? I’ve been aching in my muscles, noticed my height, and even as I right this have a runny nose. Plus my dog seems to follow me all over the house ( she’s part wolf) and I don’t know if this involves werewolves , but I’m hungry, my stomach growls even when I’m full and can’t eat any more, also I don’t know my real parents ,so who knows, I might be born a werewolf.

    • No one says:

      Also a kid once said I looked like a wolf and my eyes seem like a different color each time I look at them, blue/green, silver, Brown , blue/ green with orange around pupil, I think I’m not human , even my ears are very odd, not curved inward like normal ears but instead are straight with odd bumps along the side. What am I ?

    • Lycanhope says:

      Unrelated to being a werewolf. Sorry.

  15. Carmen says:

    So right now my stomach started hurting. God now my shoulder blade now. But I was feeling sick. Last night I didn’t want my blanket on me

  16. Aragorn says:

    No one: That about eyes is normal, everyone has it.

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