Signs you’re turning into a werewolf

The question came up recently on what are the signs you’re turning into a werewolf, and although we’ve talked about it before, I thought I would address some of them again. Involuntary transformation warning signs (if you’re about to turn and you don’t know it) happen about 1 – 2 days before the transformation and are similar to getting a cold or the flu… you’ll sometimes get a headache, your muscles will start to ache, and a runny nose is not uncommon.

Voluntary transformation warning signs are a little different. The signs don’t start a couple of days before hand, because you are forcing the transformation – it’s not something that is happening naturally at its own pace. The warning signs will be immediate. Before you force yourself to turn, you can sometimes feel light-headed, and you’ll start to sweat. Your senses will seem very acute – your vision and hearing will both seem crystal clear. Physically, some will notice before the transformation that their nails seem weirdly strong, and they seem taller than usual; some may also notice their hair is shinier and stronger than normal. All these signs are the body’s way of preparing for the turn.

Identify a werewolf in human form.

What happens during transformation?



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711 Responses

  1. Shadow says:

    Guys the lunar eclipse is approaching on the 11 of Feb what do I do every day I get worse and now this?!?! Any advice for a lunar eclipse? Also I changed my username Ahmed to Shadow

  2. Marie says:

    Would any like…. I don’t know how to say this, but like feel muscle cramps… more like just randomly feeling a tight pain around the leg, the knee feels like it wants to pop out from the skin, and the same with the ankle. Also the muscles around the other bones?
    I really want to know, because this site came up on my search feed when I searched my symptoms.

    And for the haters… because everyone has them in their lives.
    Don’t pound me on this, and do not pound Buddy or Lucky either. They made this site for people who love the topic of werewolves/werewolfs. (Yes there is a difference.) If you came here do hate get off here, and hate the monster you created with your own hate for yourself.
    Haters don’t read down

    To Lucky & Buddy,

    You guys have created a great wereW community on here. I did come on here a long time ago, but slowly grew out of it. I slowly stopped believing in somethings about the wereW stuff, but I believe in other “mythology” too. Keep believing, and never give up.

    From, Marie

    • Areiol says:

      Last night and the night before, I felt spurts of energy that made me feel like I was on fire. It made me shaky. Could someone help me….?

  3. ArgentineBlood says:


    Yes, cramps are a normal thing. That sign means your muscles are prepared to change form. That’s why the cramps appear.

  4. A non-human person says:

    Does anybody know how the werecat transformation works??

  5. A non-human person says:

    I hiss whenever I am angered, I end up scratching at random things, and I have a special bond with my cats.. Could I be a werecat?

  6. alex mills says:

    ive allways dreamed of becomeing a ware wolf but resently ive bean haveing some insane back pains and hve strech marks allover my bac and wake up exauasted with the shortest temper ever ive bean getting realy pised off easly but i allso have a question. so if you trans do you look more like a lycan frome underworld or like twilight

  7. Lydia says:

    Hey I also think I’m turning into a were wolf I’ve been angry very easily and one time someone made me angry and I growled at them in class i’ve also had the erg to howl everyt8me I get angry myou body always tells me to kill something i’ve also had the erg to eat someone I also have gotten stronger because I used to not be able to through a basketball from half but now I can through it farther from half court and almost make a basket and every time I shave my legs the next day they grow back fast i’ve also had dreams of my transformation and I’m never tired at the full moon and i’ve been having muscle problems when I do rowing my back and arms have been hurting.

  8. Brook says:

    For three days ive had the flu and my back aches is this a sign there also a headache with Ringing

  9. alfawerewolf says:

    i new i was a werewolf at age 10 but now i am 13 and wighn i was 12 i couldn’t beat my 7th grade friend den in a race but at age 13 i can now beat den in a race 🙂

  10. alphamale says:

    these signs are true I had them and I am now a ware wolf i am an alpha male in Oregon it skips a generation at least I believe so I was bitten by a huge wolf in the forest when camping the transformation hurt and transforming takes a good amount of ur human strength and iit goes into ur wolf transformation so only transform if neccasary

  11. Evaluna says:

    your an alpha??? my unlces an alpha if i may know how old are you?

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