Silent Night

Silent night, Moon shines bright,
Full moon means, Get out of sight
Werewolves lurk behind each forest tree
I’m afraid that one will bite me
Werewolves search for a great feast
Werewolves search for a great feast

Silent Night, moon shines bright
Vampires out, For a bite
Cover your neck, or they will get you,
Invite one in and just see what he’ll do,
Vampires seeking to bite you,
vampires seek to bite you

Silent Night, Moon shines bright
Humans fight monsters at night
Werewolves vampires own the darkest hour
Stay inside or bow to their power
Daylight will come soon just wait
Daylight will come if you pray



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2 Responses

  1. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    wow thats an intersting twist on it

  2. Natalia says:

    I found your blog through PW. Love these books. Youshould like Eclipse. New Moon is hard for a lot of ppeole becuase it is so emotional. Hope you enjoy them all. I have read the first 3 six times and am on #4 for the 2nd time. I think they are great.

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