Silent Night Deadly Night

Everyone has the same dream.  To find hope, and solace, and inspiration in the deep dark silent night of winter.  Everyone wants the  the stars twinkling above, and the cold breeze brushing through their hair while they drink a cup of steaming hot cocoa and listen to stories of love and giving.  Proving the point, Silent Night the Christmas carol has been translated into over 140 languages, and since it was composed in 1818 has been sung by everyone from Beyonce to Elvis Presley.

But do not anger the werewolf, or your dream will not come to fruition.  Christmas or not.  For even on Christmas, the werewolf stalks his prey.  If the night is silent, it will only be briefly – before too long the howls of the werewolf will pierce the night, as will the cries of fear from the creatures who had crossed paths with the Creature of the Night.



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