skinwalkers review

I have to say that I felt that through the movie stills and the trailer that SkinWalkers  was not going to live up to be a good werewolf movie. I was proven wrong, the werewolves were great!

SkinWalkers is narrated by the soon to be thirteen year old boy that partly stars in the movie. Possibly they chose him to narrate to be different and set them aside from other movies of this type that have an “older person” narrate. I have to say his narration takes away from the movie, I believe the audience that watches the film will be an older crowd, and in my opinion would have related more if one of the boy’s elders had done the narrating.

Aside from the boy’s narration is his ability in the movie to act as if he were one of the older folks, quickly catching on to every situation without needing explanation. This to me was a bit unrealistic.

Another thing I noticed was the lack of good writing, for the most part the writers wrote lines that are obviously   “lines.” If I could remember one I would quote it for you but I cant think of one just now, but trust me, you will notice -cheesy. To me there seemed to be no in depth thought on the writers part, like they wrote the lines with the first thing on their mind without rewriting.

If you can get past those points (*ahem*..and the bad ending), then SkinWalkers puts out quite a werewolf “experience.” One of my favorite points of the movie is where the werewolves would go into “lock down,” voluntarily restraining themselves during the moon cycle so that they wouldn’t harm others. The restraints seem to be carefully thought out allowing the wolf to even restrain his claws. Very cool to see as I have not seen anything like this before.

The movie does not focus much on the complete werewolf transformation, we all know not many werewolf movies can pull off the transformation as it takes a lot of attention to detail and planning by whomever is doing it; not to mention will cause an uproar by horror movie fans if done wrong. I think this is where SkinWalkers decided to focus more on the “partial” and “complete” change; showing their fangs, pointed-jagged teeth, colored eyes, transformed face, and hairy bodies. They also focused a lot on the “lock down.”

Once the werewolves transformed they did walk around in their clothes. At first when I saw  that they did this I didn’t agree with the whole concept; but it did work for the movie in my opinion. The werewolves themselves seemed to be done in complete makeup unlike some movies where you can tell they are CGI; this made the whole experience even better.

Is it worth seeing? Well, since nobody I know seems to even know it was made (lack of publicity) and is now in theaters than you wont be missing the hype! If you want to enjoy a movie where it seems like they spent money on the werewolves  rather than the script (I guess they had to choose one or the other!)  than see it! But, I think the plans are to have it out on dvd by Halloween, just a guess. Your choice, pay for the seat or pay for the dvd – I think its worth one or the other!



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