Skinwalkers – In Theaters! Slow at box office.

What was it about the new SkinWalkers movie that made it perform poorly at the box office? I have yet to see it (but will soon) 😉

Why did I/You not see it on opening weekend?

  • lack of t.v. advertising (in my area at least I hardly saw any previews for it-they make a difference!)
  • lack of any other promos (again, my area- didn’t hear or see any promos)
  • great movie poster! But where were they? I saw them all over the net! But thats all!
  • Skin Walkers

  • The story? This movie is based around a boy! Is that appealing?
  • The werewolves? Did the look at the werewolves have an effect? (the pics I saw I didn’t really like, but may be wrong once I see the movie)
  • Rush Hour 3?! Did Rush Hour’s release not help? (Probably not)

For now, check out the trailer. Ill see the movie soon and let you know how it turns out.



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4 Responses

  1. First, it was competing with big blockbusters like the latest Bourne movie, “The Simpsons,” and this weekend release of “Rush Hour 3” (which people are familiar with this franchise). IMHO, this movie would have done a lot better at the box office if released in October.

  2. Buddy says:

    I agree, unless they were ready to shell out some more advertising money then they should have just waited a bit long for the release.

  3. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    it was competing with newer and better movies.And there was no advertising for it in barrie

  4. KitchiLupe says:

    Hm.. I have seen this movie, I’d say it was decent, not too bad in my opinion lol ^.^ I will definently watch American Pie tonight, I’m not sure about Werewolf in a Woman’s prison yet though.. I do definently want to watch it, however I’m not too sure about tonight. Maybe… but I still have to finish Shadow Hunters, as it’s getting highly dramatic and abnormally makes me somehow want to see how it ends. Lol! But anyways these posts are great! ^.^ I cannot wait to see you begin talking about werewolves (so I can give my own input, you’ll be surprised)

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