Snuwolf the Cloned Wolf Dies

A wolf in South Korea named Snuwolf who is reportedly one of the world’s first cloned wolves has died at the age of four. Snuwolf died in her home (a zoo) on Aug. 26. The autopsy results giving the official reason of wolf death have not yet been released although there is some belief it was due to an infection.



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36 Responses

  1. lonewolf123 says:

    @fangsharpner dude, how could you wonder if god exists? yes. he does. we wouldnt be here if there was no god. some people think the devil created werewolves, but thats not true. wouldnt the werewolf race be extinct if the devil had made them? maybe this is something that may have been one of his experiments when he was making humans, but he didnt want to wipe them out. so, god created werewolves somehow. it could be sub-made, i guess. period!!!

  2. Athiest Alejandro says:

    @TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW Take that religious shit out of here, some people have other beliefs then god. I can disprove everything in the bible, the bible is nothing more than an opinion on how our solar system came to be.

  3. Athiest Alejandro says:

    @lonewolf123 You too.

  4. Madd Dogg says:

    how about you take your shit and get out

  5. Mary says:

    Hello. And yes, athiest alejandro you should just leave. this is a site where people can say what ever. and if you don’t ike it than get off. or at least don’t tell that person to get off. they have as much of a right to be here than every body else.

  6. nightwolf says:

    @athiest alejandro: this is where i draw the line…the bible is nothing but truth give me three things that can be disproved…ok i admit some stuff in the bible seem impossible but so did landing on the moon at one time but the fact is…God is real and he can do whatever he wants…a question i always here is “if God was real where did he go?” answer is he didnt go anywhere notice how everything anti-God is now everywhere! so he didnt go anywhere WE did!!

  7. Lycanhope says:

    ffs, can we not have a crusade in here please?

  8. nightwolf says:

    i wont its just every man has his limits

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