Sonic Werewolf

In most werewolf games that you pick up to play, the werewolf is considered a bad, evil, or vicious character, but in the 2008 Sega game Sonic Unleashed you get to play a good werewolf. The game features Sonic the Hedgeghog as Sonic the Werehog (or sometimes called by gamers Nightmare Sonic or WereSonic). The werehog has claws on his hands, claws poking out of his shoes, pointed ears, and a wolfy face. In the game, Sonic transforms into werewolf form at night. Sonic, while in werewolf form, is still considered a good guy – he is not considered an “evil” werewolf, and his goal is to restore the world that Dr. Eggman has split into pieces.

When the game first came out there was some controversy about turning Sonic into a werewolf – he is after all a hedgehog, which is already an animal.  Gamers were confused as to why one animal would transform into another animal…basically with sonic, you have a hedgehog transforming into a wolf!  Reviews are still mixed on whether or not people like the new werehog Sonic.

In the game when Sonic transforms at night, gameplay also takes on a more bestial overtone – gameplay is a little slower as compared to Sonic’s speed during the daytime, and the Sonic Werewolf Werehog has some tricks up his sleeves like extendable arms which stretch way out (no, I dont know what this has to do with werewolves), a special were-claw which Sonic uses to slash his enemies, and a special move were Sonic Werewolf slashes with both claws (called the Were-Wallop).

Here’s a clip of the Sonic Werewolf (aka Sonic the Werehog) transformation:



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