Spells To Become A Werewolf

There are no spells to become a werewolf . I know there are websites out there saying that there are certain incantations that you can do, or songs that you can sing under the full moon. There aren’t. The truth is that the werewolf disease is an infection caused by a virus as discussed in earlier posts on this blog. There are some werewolf myths and legends that say that sorcerers and witches learned certain spells to transform humans into different animals. This is all in the realm of fiction and sci-fi. The truth is that werewolf syndrome is a real disease that simple words cannot bring on.



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16,802 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    lol don’t worry I’m known by several members of my family to have a short attention span. sighs its kinda why i moved to Michigan then Alaska and then back to Michigan. to live the life of a lonesome bachelor

  2. Jay says:

    But alas its not so bad I mean all the girls at college are hot.

  3. Siberian Fox says:


  4. Siberian Fox says:

    hell, i was on here months ago, and nothing seems to have changed at all.

  5. Jay says:

    laugh that you may they are Man my mouths watering just thinking about them.

  6. Siberian Fox says:

    wow dude.

  7. Jay says:

    I can’t help it. they spark desire in me and to make things worse i think I’m being watched by someone. Its kinda like a chill that runs down your spine, man its been affecting my love life. oh and i didn’t mean mouth watering like a steak i mean more of a desire.

  8. Siberian Fox says:

    i know. but what ever.
    listen, remember to stay away from Jarlath, Saberfang, Saberwind, or whatever he calls himself now. ok?

  9. Lecrecia says:

    Saberian fox why do you tell this jay these things? why do you tell him to stay way from sabrefang?…please do tell

  10. Silrath says:

    sup lecrecia

    you use msn? aim? yim?

  11. Jarlath says:

    Because it is Argentus

  12. Jarlath says:

    Once again Argentus you talk behind my back, and I once trusted you. Your disguises are so apparent that it is obvious. Once again don’t private message me thanking me for something and than talk behind my back, I did nothing but give you my own heart and unending trust. Simply put Jonathan if you really as you say want to stay away from it all than stay away but don’t blame me for what happened.

  13. Jarlath says:

    As for calling me those names Jonathan I have a real name and I suggest you use it. Jay my real name is Howard and prefer to be called such.

    Jay simply put these paths are very deep and very dark. There are many out there who are deceiving, names wont be given but throughout the “Online Weresociety” there is much information that is tainted, and many people who claim to know all. I can say I know what I know but information is very hard to come by.

    Jay I will only counter what “Siberian” says by saying. Listen to yourself, follow your instincts but don’t take everything literal. Unfortunately people take things to literal and make things seem worse than it really is.

    Jay the important thing is to understand yourself, who you are and what you are. Don’t let people tell you otherwise and just be yourself. Hiding from yourself no matter who and what you are is like rejecting your own soul.

  14. Jarlath says:

    I have one more thing to say. Greatness of a soul has nothing to do with a werewolf, greatness is simply being yourself, being self enlightened and being able to truly follow your heart. That is Greatness of a Soul, nothing more and nothing less.

  15. Jarlath says:

    Also Jay I agree with your point

  16. To all who find this:

    My name is Howard Leon, I once was a frequent in this site. This is me venting out frustrations of the current condition of this “Online Weresociety” as well as other things and I apologize for this but I feel the need to let it out.

    Those of you who still come here, who I still cherish moments with, I thank you for everything. Those who are new here, welcome and I hope you find that which you seek.

    I am tired of these online faces, I am tired of new people coming onto this site and being hurled off in disappointment from the constant negativity that constantly is instilled here. I am tired of the online faces who use multiple names to hide who they really are and pretend to be a person they are really not. Simply put these constant only faces is something that is unsettling, why cant you be yourself and stop changing names, stop being somebody else. It is not appealing to anyone.

    For those who seek for information I hope you find it, because the information all over the place is ridiculously scattered and/or tainted. Seek information but please, PLEASE, stop taking all things so literal, simply put the subject of werewolves and even the supernatural are scattered and subjective. Everything is perception and just take in what you can but once again don’t take things literal.

    Please stop this constant BS, it is ridiculous, find real people and talk to them because out here there are so many faces and so many liars and deceivers. I am always willing to help people but no more faces and masks, I can’t talk to people who aren’t really themselves.

    I apologize for all this and I am willing to give my email and or number to real people. my email is edited*


  18. Argentus Lupus says:

    in the end,
    i wish the best for all, even you,

  19. Argentus Lupus says:

    i hope that in the end, we can be friends again. but not now.

  20. Argentus Lupus says:

    as for the rest of you, i leave one request
    please think!
    please ask why, search deep and learn much.
    seek the truth always.
    and dont be a fool as i was.

  21. Argentus Lupus says:

    and Howard,
    you speak truth on my actions.
    that i will give you

  22. God Jonathan I don’t want to but what choice do I have. Stop hurting people, if you want to help people than help but your actions have hurt others, I know I shouldn’t speak for them but I know what I have been told BE A REAL PERSON FOR ONCE.

  23. Lecrecia says:

    Argentus…i hope you have not forgotten me, sorry howard but i do think he has good in him and i do miss him, but i guess argentus does not care about our friendship anymore…that hurts me.

  24. Lecrecia says:

    (sad laughter) i guess i was never that improtant to you argentus…

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