Spring vernal equinox – shorter nights for werewolves, broom and egg balancing for fun

Today is the spring vernal equinox! The first day of spring is here!

Traditionally, it’s also said to be the day when the day and night are at equal length…neither is longer than the other (hence the word equinox – which is derived from aequus (meaning equal) and nox (meaning night) … technically however, that date when the day and night are exactly equal is not always exactly on the equinox, but around it give or take a few days. It is also the day when the sun shines directly overhead at noon.

What does this mean? Longer days, shorter nights.
Yes, you may already have noticed that the nights have been getting shorter since the winter solstice and days have been getting longer. But still, up until today, nighttime hours and minutes have been longer then daytime hours and minutes.  Today that changes.

The vernal equinox is a transition. It means there will be less nighttime for werewolves and other creatures of the night…during the Vernal Equinox daylight and nighttime are the same. Going forward, until the Summer Solstice, daylight will outpace nighttime. There will be fewer hours of night. Longer hours of daylight. Day creatures will thrive. Night creatures will have less time and will wait patiently until the Summer Solstice comes around to start lengthening the nights again.

How are werewolves affected?
Werewolves who are nighttime shifters find that they’re in werewolf form for fewer hours than they are during winter. For werewolves who prefer the night, the transition can be an unwelcome one as they’ll have fewer hours of darkness.  Often however, the human side of the werewolf kicks in and  many adjust easily. This is the human side of the werewolf, as many humans feel more “in balance” during and after the spring equinox…the lengthening daytime increases pleasant feeling and moods.

What else happens during the spring equinox?
Many cultures do believe that the spring equinox is important, and honor and celebrate it…for example, the ancient Mayans built a magnificent display into their pyramid at Chichen Itza which uses the sunlight at the spring equinox to show the serpent descending the pyramid.

There are some that do claim that weird things happen during the spring equinox with other nonanimate things…
like being able to balance an egg on end or being able to stand a broom on its end. These things have been shown however to be able to be done at any time of the year, not just the spring equinox!

Egg balancing:

Broom Balancing:



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  1. EmCWolf says:

    Do you have any information on how solstices affect werewolves? I’ve heard they are also times of power and renewal, for werewolves especially. Even more so on days like today when the full moon happens so close to the solstice!

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