Stardust DVD Coupon for great movie!

The BEST MOVIE, I’ve seen this year, was by far and away, hands down, the movie Stardust.  The movie is about a fallen star that crashes into a magical kingdom.  A young man goes out to find the fallen star (meteorite) for his would-be love.  The movie has everything evil vs. good! Comedy, romance, adventure, action!  Also, there are some really good actors including Claire Danes, Sienna Miller, Rupert Everett, Peter O’Toole, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Robert DeNiro. Anyway, the reason that I bring this movie up is because if you haven’t yet seen it, now’s your chance! The movie will be released on DVD on December 18, 2007, and on the Stardust Official Movie Site you’ll find a $5 coupon for Stardust that you can print to use on your DVD purchase. Here’s a direct link to the Stardust US DVD coupon. It’s valid until January 15, 2008, so don’t wait! Really, you won’t regret it, great movie!



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