Stereotype of the werewolf in toy

For some reason there is a myth or stereotype out there that a non-transformed werewolf in human form looks something like a lumber jack.  Plaid/flannel shirt, jeans, boots, beard.  Why?!  I imagine it’s probably because wolves are often seen in forests, and werewolves are associated with wolves, and those people that live near forests probably dress and look like lumberjacks.   I found this doll toy that feeds right into that stereotype, that’s what got me started….well, although I dont like the stereotype,  I do think it is pretty cute!

werewolf toy

werewolf toy



Do you love werewolves? Do you turn into one? Do you know when they transform? Learn all About Me! Or even better Link To Me!

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28 Responses

  1. llyon says:

    it is a toy from the fairytale of little red riding hood

  2. BlackWolf says:

    llyon or hachina how does a were start a transformation

  3. Vampire Werewolf says:

    easy haha

  4. BlackWolf says:

    can u tell me how

  5. Vampire Werewolf says:

    wat would u like 2 knw

  6. BlackWolf says:

    how to get the transformation to begin

  7. Vampire Werewolf says:

    it can happen naturaly on a full moon or somtimes u can control it i can control mine so i can change every night

  8. BlackWolf says:

    but when u transform (controlled) how do u start the process

  9. Vampire Werewolf says:

    diffrent people do it diffrent ways but i just focuse on the transformasion and mine usually happens

  10. BlackWolf says:

    thanks that helps

  11. Vampire Werewolf says:

    anytime so whats up

  12. BlackWolf says:

    nothing im trying to find out if im a were or not

  13. Vampire Werewolf says:


  14. BlackWolf says:

    im still not really sure so asking other weres and people who kno about weres kinda helps but u cant be sure until u actually transform into your true self

  15. Vampire Werewolf says:

    im only half were

  16. BlackWolf says:

    thats pretty sweet and judging by your name you r also part vampire

  17. Vampire Werewolf says:

    yup yup

  18. BlackWolf says:

    ill be happy if im just a were and i think i am. i dont know if it means anything but i feel like i have the wolf inside of me but ive always ignored the feeling and apparently ive suffered the invoulantary change symptoms but always fought and never accepted it

  19. Vampire Werewolf says:


  20. BlackWolf says:

    yeah thats why i asked how to start a transformation that way i could see. also do u know any other sites that are reliable

  21. Vampire Werewolf says:

    yes but i cant say wat they r sorry

  22. BlackWolf says:

    thats fine better to learn first hand

  23. Vampire Werewolf says:


  1. November 28, 2009

    […] if you really like werewolf gifts you can wear and aren’t werewolf toys, you might consider the werewolf hoodie. If you pull the hood up and let it cover your face, […]

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