Survival of the Dead

Survival of the Dead is a Zombie movie created by George A. Romero for a May 2010 release date. The movie is to take place after the events that occurred in the Diary of the Dead which is another one of Romero’s zombie movies that released in 2007.

Synopsis: Off the coast of Delaware sits the cozy Plum Island where two families are locked in a struggle for power, as it has been for generations.  The O’Flynn’s, headed by patriarch Patrick O’Flynn (Kenneth Welsh) approach the zombie plague with a shoot-to-kill attitude.  The Muldoons, headed by Shamus Muldoon (Richard Fitzpatrick), feel that the zombies should be quarantined and kept ‘alive,’ in hopes that a solution will someday be found.

The O’Flynn’s, who are clearly outnumbered, are forced to exile Patrick by boat to the mainland, where he meets up with a band of soldiers, headed by Guardsman Sarge (Alan Van Sprang). They join forces and return to the island, to find that the zombie plague has fully gripped the divided community.

Click: Survival Of The Dead movie Trailer

Featured above is the U.S. version of the zombie films theatrical poster, the smaller poster is the Japanese version, both movie posters are artistically done very nice. Although they seem pretty identical in appearance I wanted you to see them both so you can get an idea on variation within the same movie. One thing I notice is the hand in the U.S. version has a greater emphasis on the grasping motion which makes the viewer feels as if the zombie were about to grab ahold of whomever gets too close. However, the japanese version has a more “ghostly” type of reach, fingers and hand spread out more with more emphasis on “i’m coming to get you” type of feel, this is the same feeling you get when you watch many of the asian horror films…

In sync with the theatrical release of George A. Romero’s survival of the dead is his new app called the App of the Dead. The new app allows users to turn pictures of themselves into an official personalized Zombie portrait!

What differences do you notice between the two posters?


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  1. June 7, 2010

    […] The App of the Dead… an iPhone, iPod, and iPad, compatible app that allows you to turn any humans picture you take into a ZOMBIE! Released June 3, 2010 by the king of Zombies himself, George A. Romero in anticipation of his new Zombie movie Survival of the Dead. […]

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