Suspected Bigfoot Sighting in Oregon

Last week, the Oregonian Newspaper reported what residents believe to be a possible bigfoot sighting.

The incident took place at the Umatilla Indian Reservation, an Indian Reservation in the Blue Mountains near the city of Pendleton in the state of Oregon. According to reports, around November of 2012, odd sounds started being heard late at night, and the sounds have continued. According to witnesses who have heard the sounds first hand, the calls sound like “high-pitched screams”, deep roars, and some have even reported some laughter-like noise, all originating from the surrounding swamplands late at night.

While initially such reports might be dismissed, and attributed to an injured animal. Investigators are taking another look, as the first-hand reports are originating from people that have lived in the area their whole lives and are familiar with the sounds in the surrounding wilderness. People that are familiar with the local animals (fox, coyote, cougars, birds) are saying the sounds are unlike anything that they have ever heard before and cannot be attributed to regular wildlife.

Although no actual physical sighting has happened (all evidence has been auditory), residents are convinced the calls, shrieks, and cries are not normal and may belong to a bigfoot. Backing up this belief is the fact that the bigfoot is a part of tribal beliefs, and the entire area of the Pacific Northwest is known through the world as a possible home of the notorious creature. In addition, previous evidence (a bigfoot print) has been found of a bigfoot in the area (although it was several years ago).

While skeptics remain, one thing is clear…those who have heard the sounds are convinced they are not from the local wildlife, nor that they are man-made sounds. A recording of the bigfoot howl does exist of the sounds, and can be listened to will hear a series of howls starting around 6 seconds.



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