Synonyms for the word “werewolf”

Werewolves are not barbarians. But that’s not what the thesaurus says!

If you search through the online thesaurus, you might be surprised to discover that it has all kinds of interesting synonyms for the word werewolf. But I guarantee you that there are some on this list that not only are not interchangeable with the word “werewolf” but also that you should definitely not be calling a werewolf – unless you want to get on the werewolf’s bad side that is. 😉  Thankfully, more official thesauruses (like Merriam-Webster) do not have any synonyms listed for the word werewolf.

Synonyms for the word “werewolf” (according to the Thesaurus):

  • abnormality – If you call a werewolf an abnormality, be sure you have your best pair of running shoes on!
  • barbarian – Only uninformed humans would call a werewolf a barbarian.
  • beast – Sometimes this term is used by humans to describe werewolves, in particular in movies and novels, as werewolves are often said to be humans who have a “beast” inside.
  • behemoth – A behemoth is a creature of very large size, so I guess one could use it to describe a werewolf, though I have never heard it used that way before.
  • brute – Sometimes this word is used in novels, however a werewolf might object to being called a brute.
  • centaur – Definitely not a synonym for werewolf – a centaur is a creature from mythology that is part man, part horse.
  • colossus – This means something gigantic or huge; it could be used as an adjective to describe a werewolf’s size
  • demon – No. Werewolves are not demons.
  • devil – Definitely no.  Werewolves are far from being devils.
  • dragon – Again, this is a completely different creature from a werewolf and cannot be used interchangeably.
  • fiend – A fiend is someone that causes mischief; another definition for fiend would be someone that is a wicked person.  Werewolves by and large are not wicked nor do they cause much mischief. But there is always the exception to the rule.
  • Frankenstein – Again, this is a creature completely different than a werewolf.
  • freak – Used only by the uneducated.
    giant – Werewolves are not generally giants, but some can be rather large; this is by and large an innocuous remark.
  • hellion – A hellion is someone who behaves badly.  I imagine just as a human can be described as a hellion, so could a werewolf – but this would be a remark specific to an individual, not to the whole group.
  • horror – Werewolves are not horrors, although they are often featured in horror movies. 😉
  • leviathan – A leviathan is something very large and powerful – mostly used to describe a sea monster.
  • lusus naturae – This is latin for Freak of Nature. Use at your own risk.
  • mammoth – Not really an accurate term for a werewolf.
  • miscreation – If you call a werewolf this, you are asking for it.
  • monstrosity – Another very negative term that would be an inaccurate way to label a werewolf.
  • mutant – Go ahead and call a werewolf a mutant, if you dare.
  • ogre – An ogre is someone that is cruel, difficult, or frightening. This would be a term therefore that would not be used to describe all werewolves.
  • phoenix – This is not a synonym for werewolf.  A phoenix is a magical bird.
  • savage – When werewolves play the villains in novels they are sometimes referred to as savages.  This is not a term however which can or should be used to describe werewolves.
  • titan – A titan is an extremely large and powerful person. While werewolves are large and powerful, this term is not really an accurate synonym for werewolf.
  • villain – Anyone or anything can be a villain.
  • whale – Werewolves can’t really be described as whales, they are not as overly large as the term “whale” would imply.


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26 Responses

  1. HiddenInTheWoods says:

    You my friend know what and what not to call them, but also one could call a werewolf a lycan which is a more advanced species of Werewolf. These can control their transformations.

  2. Smoooth says:

    The best advice you’re ever going to receive is to grow up and face reality before you absolutely ruin your life with all this werewolf and vampire nonsense. You’re not going to find any deep, mystical truths in a poorly-written website plagued with the rants and petty bickering of delusional kids.

  3. Lycanhope says:

    @Smoooth: Pretty much what I keep saying. Won’t stop them though, kids wanting an escape will be kids.

  4. Joelee says:

    My best friend is a vampire and I’m a lycan in training.. (That means there is a 50/50 chance that I will be a werewolf.) And we are best buds not enemies so sorry I have to disagree

  5. ควย says:

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  7. Kat says:

    Most werewolves aren’t barbarians. Unless your whole lineage comes from mercenary vikings from England. Then your basically the definition of barbarian. Good think I’m a were dog not a werewolf.

  8. Alpha says:

    Weredogs are just the same as werewolves just weeker. They are a dependent of werewolves

  9. Alpha says:

    In a fight a wolf would overpower a dog so i assumed that the same ould go for our kind

    • Kat says:

      Caucasion Shepherd and Tibetan mastiff. Both dogs bred to take down wolves. Were dogs were bred the same way. Look at the dark web, the bloodsuckers gloat over it.

  10. Alpha says:

    And the dependent part was an auto correct, i meant to say that they are desendints of werewolves, ourkind came first only due to the fact that when werewolves became a thing there were where no dogs. As time went on an offspring was cteated which was the weredog

  11. Lycanhope says:

    Werewolves and were dogs are unrelated and equal. Dont try and make a feud that doesnt exist, we have enough of that with the whole vampire war myth.

  12. Alpha says:

    I would figure that they are speeking that dogs came from wolves so i just figured that weredogs came from werewolves

  13. Lycanhope says:

    Nope, because they’re not descendants, therefore completely different and not influenced by each other.

    • Lycanhope says:

      That took three tries to get through. I swear, I have no idea how this censor system works at all.

  14. Alpha says:

    Realy ya didnt even say anything bad

  15. zilver says:

    werewolf are great creature. i want to meet one. hehehe.

  16. zilver says:

    sorry for the grammar error. hehe

  17. Kat says:

    Well your in the right community!

  18. zilver says:

    yeah. 🙂

  19. I can turn into a wolf but I can’t stop the transformation to be part wolf part man I find it impossible to stop the transformation I’m 19 years old and I have had the ability to sift every since I was 10 I know some other people who can shift and they even say they can turn into the form of a werewolf that most people know as the half human half wolf but I guess it takes time to be able to shift to that form

    Just some more knowledge for you I’m 9 times faster,stronger and I’m 6 foot tall when I’m a wolf I’ve had my friend who can shift measure me the best thing is we still have the instincts of the wolf but our mind still works like a human we can understand what dogs and wolves and coyotes are “saying” when they bark yip or howl

  20. I’m able to shift to the form of a wolf but I can’t stop the transformation to be part wolf part man I find it impossible to stop the transformation I’m 19 years old and I have had the ability to sift every since I was 10 I know some other people who can shift and they even say they can turn into a wolf I’ve seen them in wolf form and they even say they can’t turn into a half wolf half human

    I just want to give you some more knowledge for you I’m 9 times faster stronger and I’ve been measured by a friend who can shift and they said that I was 6 foot tall and when were in human form aur senses are way superior to those of a wolf

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