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American Werewolf 310

American Werewolf

The American Werewolf in the World Among werewolves, the American Werewolf is typically seen as a wilder, more reckless, bolder type of werewolf than those from other countries.  The American Werewolf does not have the reserve or patience of their European or...

don’t stop believing 543

don’t stop believing

Is seeing believing? People believe in werewolves and don’t stop believing. Is it because of werewolf sightings that they continue believing? I don’t think so, there are more werewolf myths than there are facts about werewolves, which make werewolves more of a...

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Well, the very second I posted this new blog it was the newest one on the internet! A split second later someone else started another blog! Blogs, blogs everywhere! Some about travel, news, business! Every year, every second someone in a big...