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911 BIGFOOT phone call 0

Is this a Real Bigfoot 911 call?

Is this Bigfoot phone call fact or fiction? The phone call appears to have been made from a man was sitting at home.  He never uses the word “bigfoot” to describe what he sees, however his sighting seems to match other bigfoot...

Bigfoot Sighting in Midland County Michigan 0

Bigfoot Sighting in Midland County Michigan

This past weekend the local sheriff department in a small town in Midland County got a surprise from one of its residents – Bigfoot was on the loose! The man who filed the report is Anthony Padilla, a 52 year old local...


Bigfoot captured on tape in Idaho?

Recently ABC News did an interview with some high school students that think that they may have captured Bigfoot on tape! The Yeti caught on tape!? Why did the news actually pick up on this video that most news stations would have...