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brazilian vampire bat drains human blood 0

Vampire Bats are draining the blood of Brazilians!

Brazilians have for a long time had profound respect and fear of the many native predatory animals that inhabit their country.  Animals such as piranhas, jaguars, anaconda, electric eels, and poisonous dart frogs all call Brazil home. As if those creatures weren’t...

maned wolf 0

Strangest wolf ever – the Maned Wolf!

Actually, despite it’s name, the maned wolf is not actually a wolf – it has its own genus – Chrysocyon….and it probably should be in a class of its own, as it is one of the oddest looking animals you’ll ever see...

lobishomen – vampire or werewolf? 1

lobishomen – vampire or werewolf?

The lobishomen is a legendary undead vampire-like creature of Brazil. Also known in other areas of South America, the lobishomen is not a vampire by normal hollywood standards – in fact, it is something that is hard to even imagine! It is...