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what are werewolves 6

what are werewolves

Every day werewolves live with who they are, but do humans really know what are werewolves? What legends say werewolves are… By most traditional accounts cited in myths and legends, werewolves are what are described as humans that have the ability to...

P shift method

P shift method

The most widely known form of a wolf shapeshifting or transforming into a werewolf is the physical shift or “p shift”. P shifting although as wide known as it  may be to werewolves is actually the hardest and most rare method of...

werewolf expert describes werewolves 20

werewolf expert describes werewolves

The werewolf expert in the video claims that in transformed form, the werewolf would look like a “rampaging beast” a “hideous wolf larger than life”. While some of her descriptions of the werewolf are clearly not accurate, she does seem to have...