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Food contamination created werewolf hysteria?!

There is a theory among modern-day historians that study werewolf legends and beliefs that food contamination created werewolf hysteria, and there are no real werewolves. Food Contamination!?! The theory involving the “food contamination” idea is sometimes used by historians to explain many...

Explanations for the existence of Werewolves 11

Explanations for the existence of Werewolves

We’ve talked alot about the historic origins of werewolves and how far back they date in different cultures, but a larger question remains, which is what caused the existence of werewolves to begin with? There are several possible explanations on why werewolves...

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Vampires Signs

Vampire Symbology What are common symbols associated with Vampires? Bats No reflections in the mirror Speed holy water crucifixes The nightime Fangs Claws Blood Not being able to be out in the sun Coffins mind reading immortality garlic Vampires must be have...