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are werewolves in fog 2

What lies hidden in the fog

The fog is thick again this morning. Like an ethereal blanket – covering the landscape in a vision-blocking mystery-inducing haze. Eyes can penetrate no more than an inch or so through the greyish-white land-hovering clouds. Even a hand waved in front of...

where are the werewolves 9

Look at the fog outside, where are the werewolves?

This morning I was watching the weather and the weather lady said: “Look at the fog outside! Where are the werewolves?!“ To the reporters, meteorologists, and news anchors – I say, “We are here.” To the doubters, disbelievers, and skeptics – I...

Archaeologists uncover Gateway to the Underworld! 5

Archaeologists uncover Gateway to the Underworld!

A Gateway to the Underworld has been discovered! There are still remarkable discoveries awaiting to be discovered in the world! The most recent one is a marvel to the world – and a remarkable find for archaeologists. It is the infamous “Pluto’s...