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Awesome Werewolf Costume Pics

This Halloween, werewolf costumes were more popular than ever! If you’re a human looking for inspiration for next Halloween (or for any time of year!), check out some of these pictures…looks like the method of choice was makeup to achieve the werewolf-y...

How to become the Victim of a werewolf! 3

How to become the Victim of a werewolf!

This is a great Halloween Costume idea! There will be many humans during Halloween night that wish they could be turned into a real werewolf, however, not all will have their wish granted! They will have to live with the fact that...

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During the month of October many humans and werewolves will be on a search for costumes that better illustrate their love and passion for the wolves. Halloween costumes can be a pain to sort through especially when searching of a specific type...