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werewolf makeup kit 0

werewolf makeup

Looking to be a werewolf this Halloween? Werewolf makeup comes in many shapes and sizes and is probably you least expensive route. If you are on a limited budget you should just get the werewolf special fx makeup and do the work...

Make a werewolf costume step by step instructions 36

Make a werewolf costume step by step instructions

Too bad I didn’t find this werewolf costume in time for halloween!!  I was surfing yesterday and found what i think might be the best homemade werewolf costume instructions I’ve found – and this werewolf looks fantastic!! It is a full body...

halloween homemade 4

halloween homemade

Halloween homemade werewolf costumes. I found a pretty cool article of how a mother would make a home made Halloween werewolf costume for her son. Should be pretty inexpensive to create this Halloween costume, unless you don’t have an old pair of...