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Very First Werewolf Transformation Scene Ever 3

Very First Werewolf Transformation Scene Ever

It is believed that Ovid, a famous Roman poet that lived over 2,000 years ago, wrote the very first werewolf transformation scene. As legends go, the first transformation is attributed to Zeus who transforms Lycaon into a werewolf. The images of  Lycaon’s...

earliest known image of a werewolf? 4

Zeus transforming Lycaon into wolf

The first image to the right is a  depiction of what many consider to be one of the very first werewolves…Lycaon!  The black and white picture depicts Lycaon the King being transformed into a wolf by the god Zeus.  The picture depicts...

Lycaon – First Werewolf? 20

Lycaon – First Werewolf?

In Greek mythology, one of the first werewolves that is said to have existed is Lycaon. The tale of Lycaon hints at origins of why being a werewolf is considered a “curse”. As the myths go, Lycaon was a king of Arcadia...