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Homemade Werewolf Costume 1

Homemade Werewolf Costume

If you are not a werewolf, but want to dress up as one for halloween, there are a number of ideas out there on how to get started with your own costume you can make at home. Here is a video on...

werewolf legos 5

Lego Werewolves

Yes, there are werewolf legos!! The werewolf lego minifigures come in a few different styles to choose from including one that looks somewhat similar to Michael Jackson in Thriller and another werewolf lego that takes its inspiration from the Harry Potter series....

Glee Thriller Zombie Mash-Up 3

Glee Thriller Zombie Mash-Up

Zombies invaded the TV show of Glee on Sunday after the Superbowl. Yeah, ZOMBIES.  The cast of Glee did a zombie mash-up episode. But the interesting thing is that the two songs which they “mashed up” – two supposed zombie songs –...

Michael Jackson thriller werewolf toy 3

Michael Jackson Cosbaby werewolf

Michael Jackson is a mini werewolf toy that stands 3 inches tall! The Jackson Thriller toy is  created under an official license by Hot Toys from Hong Kong. This version is one of the 6 designs in the Mini Cosbaby Michael Jackson toy...

Werewolves in Music Video 1

Werewolves in Music Video

Yes. Two werewolf puppets in a music video singing Breathe Carol’s song Hello Fascination. Want more of these music-loving werewolf puppets? Check them out as they sit through a 3D showing of Michael Jackson’s live performance of Billie Jean.

Michael Jackson werewolf 22

Michael Jackson werewolf

Many horror movie lovers claim that Michael Jackson’s Thriller has some of the best werewolf transformation scenes yet. Dark night, full moon, scary chase, it has it all. It’s undeniable that the video is very good – werewolves or not. “It’s close...

Heads Will Roll 2

Heads Will Roll

Thought you all might like a fun diversion for Saturday night. I found this music video online – “Heads will roll” (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) – the first part is a bit slow, but hang in there until the werewolf shows up…as the...

Michael Jackson Thriller 25 year anniversary! 7

Michael Jackson Thriller 25 year anniversary!

Michael Jackson’s best-selling album of all time, the Thriller album, is turning 25 years old! You remember the Thriller video, right? With the zombies? A special 25th anniversary edition of the album will be released on Feb. 11, 2008. Here’s the info...