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Fringe Transformation 2

Fringe Transformation

Tonight the show Fringe was about a couple of people that were infected by a virus that caused them to transform….the monster that they transformed into didn’t look like a werewolf, but the idea seems very similar.

Werewolf trick quiz question 371

Werewolf trick quiz question

Buddy, First of all there is absolutely no proof to be had that animals have souls, as we all know humans are “one of a kind”, to say that a rat has a “soul” is something similar to saying that the devil...

Werewolf is an animal not monster 73

Werewolf is an animal not monster

Werewol967, Technically speaking, a werewolf is a monster according to the online dictionary which says: a werewolf is “a human being who has changed into a wolf, or is capable of assuming the form of a wolf, while retaining human intelligence.” a...

Werewolf a monster? 6

Werewolf a monster?

Buddy, I cannot comment on this, but I can say that people have actually seen “real” werewolves. There are sightings of werewolves all over the United States, but probably more sightings of werewolves in London right?! Documented cases! So they say anyway....

Jeepers Creepers 3

Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers vs Werewolf! One of my favorite horror movies monster is the Creeper, from Jeepers Creepers. The Creeper is a monster who is ruthless in his killings, he will kill anything and then string it up like a trophy. I think...