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Ginger Snaps 1

Ginger Snaps

Fifteen-year-old Brigitte Fitzgerald (Emily Perkins) and her nearly-sixteen sister Ginger (Katharine Isabelle), are a team – best friends and self-styled outcasts. Obsessed with dying and bound by a childhood pact to stay together forever, they loathe their mind-numbing existence in the suburb...

living arrangements 0

Living Arrangements

Living Arrangements is a “Dark horror/Comedy” werewolf movie in which a couple discovers an unusual guest living in their attic. SYNOPSIS Sasha and Billie just found a new apartment right next to their favorite coffee shops and thrift stores.  Life couldn’t be...

Mexican Werewolf In Texas 0

Mexican Werewolf In Texas

Mexican Werewolf In Texas: “With its only claim to fame being the “Goat Capitol of the World”, the border town of Furlough, Texas is sucking its younger residents dry. Despite the towns’ racial tensions between the White and the Mexican residents, Anna...