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Dog Soldiers 2

Dog Soldiers

The movie Dog Soldiers is about a troop of British soldiers on a military exercise in the Scottish Highlands.  They come across the chewed up remains of a Special Ops Team, and soon the soldiers find themselves under attack by werewolves. “A band of...

Cursed 4


The 2005 movie Cursed is a film by Wes Craven starring Christina Ricci about three young adults in Las Angeles, California that are attacked by a werewolf. Trailer: Transformation:

Curse of the Wolf 0

Curse of the Wolf

A young woman, Dakota, has finally found a way to control her lycanthrope metamorphosis and desires to live a “normal” life. All might be well if not for Dakota’s “pack” (including wrestling superstar Blue Meanie), who want a different life for Dakota…to...

Creature of the Night 0

Creature of the Night

Angst-ridden rock star Rob Parker has a horrible secret, one he’s desperate to keep from adoring fans, in this unusually fresh take on the werewolf legend which introduces a completely new semi-wolf phase. When containment measures fail and mutilated bodies turn up...

Bloodz vs Wolvez 5

Bloodz vs Wolvez

The 2006 horror movie Bloodz vs Wolvez is about two gangs – the “Bloodz” (vampires) and the “Wolvez” (werewolves) who duke it out. It is pretty difficult to find the official trailer for this movie, but I did find a fan made...