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The Change Another Teenage Werewolf Musical 2

A Teenage Werewolf! Musical!

This musical does gurantee one thing… werewolves! and singing! and music! Ok, that’s more than one thing…It’s like music to your ears, or werewolves to music, or musical werewolves? I don’t know, but what I do know is that this is a...

Play Sims 2 as a Werewolf 19

Play Sims 2 as a Werewolf

Until I started looking, I really had no idea how much people love werewolves!! For those of you who play the game Sims (or really Sims 2 game), you’ll be happy to know that in Sims 2 you can be a werewolf!...

Werewolf Games 84

Werewolf Games

For some reason, I have never heard of werewolf games, but I did a search, and I found what looks like it might be the most fun game ever (werewolf or not) – and all you need are 7 or more people, and...