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dont let the werewolves bite! 0

Goodnight, don’t let the werewolves bite!

Well friends, I’m off to sleep for the night! You should be too! Goodnight! Sleep Tight! Don’t let the werewolves bite! If they do, grab a shoe, and whack them ’til they’re black and blue!   If they try, I’ll bite them...

Werewolf Quotes 86

Werewolf Quotes

Here’s a selection of some werewolf quotes from different movies. Enjoy! ♦ I am a victim of your carnivorous lunar activities. Gerald Bringsley, An American Werewolf in London ♦ Where the hell am I supposed to find silver bullets? K-Mart? Rudy, The...

Werewolf / Wolf Sayings 48

Werewolf / Wolf Sayings

Here are a collection of interesting proverbs, quotes, and sayings about werewolves and wolves.  Some of these have alot of truth to them. And some are just funny. 1.  Never moon a werewolf. – Mike Binder 2.  I think we all have...