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Kentucky Werewolf Sighting nicknamed Bearilla

It makes sense that you would find werewolves in the state of Kentucky. The state has plenty of wild game (including deer and turkey) for the werewolf that enjoy a bit of a chase, not to mention Kentucky is particularly well-known for...

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Have you seen a werewolf?

People that have seen werewolves often are unsure of how at first to describe the sighting….their reports typically are things like: “something that looked similar to a very large dog” “a large grayish brown beast” And then there are some people that...

Werewolf Hunter in Washington 57

Werewolf Hunter in Washington

Earlier this week a man on Bainbridge Island – which is located near Seattle, Washington – was found waving a sword and claiming to be a werewolf hunter. The man was outside of the parking lot of a ProBuild hardware store.  He...

Aswang Philippines Werewolf? 22

Aswang Philippines Werewolf?

In the Philippines, a legendary creature similar to the werewolf is said to inhabit the country. The creature, called the “Aswang“, is not so much a werewolf, as a vampire-werewolf crossbreed. Some of the commonalities it has with the werewolf, include it’s...

Famous physicist saw Loch Ness Monster 8

Famous physicist saw Loch Ness Monster

Werewolves are not alone.  And neither are humans.  There are some humans that know this.  For example, Robert H Rines. Robert H Rines was a famous physicist who recently died at the age of 87.  Rines was a lawyer, composer, inventor, and...

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werewolf sightings

How many boats do you see that are named werewolf? Not often that people call anything werewolf. I thought this was cool and thought I would share. My werewolf sighting is of a boat named  werewolf.

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On Sept 1, 2007, ABC News did an article on a chupacabra found which a woman from Texas found dead outside her ranch in Cuero, Texas. …apparently this is only one of three ugly fanged creatures found. She saved the body for...