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Are you a werewolf? 83

Are you a werewolf?

Having one (or more than one) werewolf traits does not necessarily make you a werewolf. This is a common misbelief. For example, yes, werewolves like to howl – but so sometimes do humans! And yes, werewolves like full moons – but also,...

Stereotype of the werewolf in toy 28

Stereotype of the werewolf in toy

For some reason there is a myth or stereotype out there that a non-transformed werewolf in human form looks something like a lumber jack.  Plaid/flannel shirt, jeans, boots, beard.  Why?!  I imagine it’s probably because wolves are often seen in forests, and...

fact or fiction 23

fact or fiction

Werewolf Readers, The truth is that there are some facts that go into these Hollywood werewolf stars. I am not here to tell you that all movies ever made about werewolves come from fact, but that SOME information you get from the...