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White Wolf 248

White Wolf

Retold by S.E. Schlosser She snapped awake out of a deep sleep, screaming aloud in terror. In her nightmare, a large white wolf had been chasing her around and around the house, gaining on her with every step until it finally pounced...

The Werewolf’s Bride 168

The Werewolf’s Bride

Retold by S.E. Schlosser There once was a beautiful girl engaged to a soldier who caught the eye of an evil woodsman who had sold his soul for the ability to turn himself into a wolf at will. He lay in wait...

Werewolf stories 26

Werewolf stories

Learn about werewolves and read werewolf stories in our werewolf books section where you can read werewolf books and online!

The Mothman 11

The Mothman

I just found this really weird aritcle. This is a TRUE story, observed by a number of first-hand eye-witnesses.  I’d just like to point out, if this can be true (a weird moth-man), then those skeptics who do not believe in werewolves...

can change 81

can change

Daumier and I met thirteen years before he shared with me his secret, he was my best friend for more than a decade, and the next minute I felt like I didn’t know him at all. The thing is, I could not...

A simple secret 24

A simple secret

I failed to mention my friend, Daumier. My friends name is, was, Daumier. He shared with me a secret, a secret that he had not told anybody before. He knew of this secret long before he chose to tell me; it was...

If you follow- Beware. 82

If you follow- Beware.

If I was chased into the dark shadows of the night would you follow? You know there is no exit, no turning back, would you still come in after me? They say there will be no cure for me now, will you...